There is no spoon…

Posted on Friday 24 March 2006

There Are No Electronics/ Electronics For Earthings
by Ken Amdahl

So… I’ve always had this thing with terms and anacronyms. As an artist I tend to grasp things in my own way, I need to continually translate things into simpler. The quest to understand electronics in order to enter the world of Physical Computing at ITP I needed to grasp this thing completely.

I have purchased a fair share of electronics books and they are all good and helpful in the way that a guide in a foreign country is, but you still feel a bit far from speaking the native tongue. Kenn Amdahl’s book is a really great departure from standard electronic explanations.

The departure of this book is Kenn’s method of turning the rules of electronics into a kind of folk tale about the meeting of a person and an electron by the name of “Mike”. The book is funny and entertaining and has helped me remember the principles of electronics in ways that I can grasp. If you have time to read this it is well worth the time. If any of you first years are reading this, email me and I will be happy to lend this to you.

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