Ideas alway have a future

Posted on Monday 24 July 2006

Still working my way down the reading list for my coursework this fall at ITP. I hadn’t read Lessig before but this has been an interesting look at intellectual and creative rights. The two key words at the moment seem to be the idea of “commons” and open source that is threatening the status quo of companies like Microsoft.

I don’t know that I’ll make it through this book, as Lessig is a bit dry in places. One of the most useful cases that Lessig did bring up in this treatise was of the case of radio free pioneers David Hughes and Dewayne Henricks. Henricks set up fast “spread spectrum” access to the internet on Native American lands. If successful other networks that are outside of the big providers could lead to access to the internet without the high rates extorted by the big providers.

Lessig does the biggest service by arguing the case that innovation is stiffled by monopolies and patent and copywrite holders.

Viva la Creative Commons!

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