When things had weight…

Posted on Friday 13 March 2009


So Apple anounces it’s latest offering of the shuffle… now mind you I had the last shuffle and really resented not knowing what song was on, I’m not sure if I want to wait and have someone speak it to me.  I really don’t want one of those wonky apple voices from the “speak it” feature of the OS.

What really is a design tipping point is the light weight of the shuffle, I would bet that the weight ratio of the ear buds with cord is almost equal to the weight of the player.  So what?  Well I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve slapped my headphone cord while running only to real them in with the player still safely in my pocket. Now with the weight ratio the same I am willing to bet that the player will be flying out of pockets everwhere.

I personally like a bit of weight to objects in my pocket, substantiality is a quality that is overlooked these days in a race to… well I guess embedding things in our body.  I had a really beautiful phone in 2001 made by sony – small for it’s time, light and really wet when I walked into a salt water pool in Monte Carlo because I forgot it was there.

I like bullet proof too… a solid knock around quality in personal objects.  I recently found a nice design object in a thrift store uptown for 10 bucks, it was a folding Sony AM/FM/PB radio with dual antennas and even an analogue signal meter… it’s a solid brick like steel object that looks like it could survive a trip through the jungle.
So you can keep the stick of gum concept, I didn’t like it the first time and I doubly hate it now. I don’t want to scroll through verbal descriptions either, I can scan and read faster than I can listen. I hate to say it, but this is the first post Steve product that may be a bust. Just my 2 cents**

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