Sweatin’ to the sensors

Posted on Wednesday 7 January 2009


It’s been awhile since I’ve used my blog, probably due to the channels for shorter expression like Facebook and Twitter…  Tomorrow I will be taking delivery of a pair of Nike + shoes to pair with my new accessory for the iPod, the sensor and receiver that Apple and Nike developed together to track excercise and chart progress on Nike’s website.

It will be interesting to evaluate the data that I will be getting back and also the whole experience of using sensors to track my progress.  Will the system encourage me to do more or will it inhibit my movements with a feeling of giving away too much about my relatively poor conditioning.

I will be following up in coming weeks to relate the whole experience, but if anyone out there is currently using this system please let me know your experiences and observations. I don’t really know what comes next but I hope to let technology help me keep my New Years resolutions.

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