Googles Pacman banner out of focus

Posted on Sunday 23 May 2010

Google Pacman Day

It’s hard not to love Googles little banner changes to indicate something important or newsworthy that happened on this day. Usually the banner is just an image but the Pacmac image was animated. This was interesting for two reasons, first the banner had the detrimental effect of taking the focus from the search panel, in other words if you had the poor luck of typing in your search item when the banner started animating it took your cursor out of the search box. This minor but annoying flaw was not something you usually see in a big player like Google.

The interesting part was that the banner was NOT done in Flash, had it been it wouldn’t have produced the strange behavior… but this is the type of argument that people usually blame Flash for. While Apple and Adobe are arguing over the merits/detriments of the Flash platform it is plain to see that glitches can occur in any technology and it is usually the person doing the coding and not the technology.

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