Fitting all the pieces together

Posted on Tuesday 10 April 2007

It has been some time since I have written, chiefly because of a busy last semester at ITP and the crush of thesis. OK, why exactly it is a crush is just the nature of my thinking. The weight seems unbearable, but most of it is of my thinking of it, and my own expectations.

I was watching my 9 year old son happily playing a puzzle game called “Heximoes”, or something like that. He seemed lost in concentration totally focused on the patterns of all of his pieces and the available spaces to slot them in. Life is a bit like that, but with a larger variety of pieces.

As I work down the stretch of the next few weeks thinking of how to sum things up, I am profoundly grateful to Red Burns, Tom Igoe, Dan O’Sullivan and all the faculty and students that have humored me and honored me with their bright creativity and enthusiasm.

So here’s to fitting all of the pieces together and giving one last push to close the loop on one more concept, one more project and a whole new beginning.

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