Artists against war

Posted on Thursday 17 January 2008

Artists Against the War Exhibition

In my previous life I was an Art Director for a Mass Market Publishing company here in Manhattan. One of the joys of the job was commissioning illustration and working with talented artists in shaping concepts and ideas through the expression of their various styles and points of view.

Many illustrators had to put up with the whims and direction of clients and I am sure at times meddling art directors. One of the best things an illustrator gets to do is inject his own viewpoint on issues that make us all a bit crazy.

Today I had the pleasure of viewing two floors of superb illustration by many of the best in the business at the Society of Illustrators “Artists Against The War” exhibition at the society building on E. 62nd street. Among many old guard and newer generation artists included Milton Glaser, Seymour Chwast, and Marshall Arisman.

The works encompassed many different media and styles, but all made powerful and poignant impact on my psyche. The works are up until January 26th, so treat your eyes to a fantastic collection of visual objections to the war that we are in. Illustrators can influence our consciousness in powerful ways and have a venue that spans books, periodicals and editorial pages in ways that transcend a gallery showing.

If you can’t make it, take the online tour at the very least:

Artists Against The War

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