A Humdinger…

Posted on Thursday 24 August 2006


OK, so I haven’t written over the summer at all. I have taken a sebatical to recharge and reorient the nature of my technology studies. I have added yet another catagory “SoapBox”, because a little rant is theraputic once in a while.

The subject of this soapbox entry is an especially evil alliance that I observed in a MacDonalds in the Walt Disney World Marketplace compound. The general picture of Americans all over the world as fat bottomed, out of control consumers who consume too much petrol plays out perfectly in the happy meal toy that my son received with his hamburger.

You see Hummers all over the place now. At one time they were kind of novel, but the marketing is so good and the product development for Hummer in marketing all sizes and shapes of the Hummer makes it more appealing to a wider audience. So why can’t MacDonalds have a happy meal of a Prius? The answer lies within their target market. Middle America has always been very supportive of George W. Bush and of the war in Iraq. The military spinoff, if you will of the Hummer to the consumer auto market plays in well with the Super Size Me crowd.

So, here is the challenge… if you are the CEO of a fast food chain that want to display some forward thinking, support a tie-in with eco friendly cars that won’t dictate that we invade an oil rich country to support our habit and the same people who bank rolled W’s election/re-election campaign.


Bio-Diesel fill ups with every 10 orders of burgers and fries.

Car chargers at every parking spot.

Methane recovery units in the restroom ;-)

Well, now that’s progress.

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