Jump game (device)

Posted on Monday 17 October 2005


My device/tool project with my partner Ilteris is proving a challenging task.
We have chosen a simple board game that utilizes jumping pieces, Ilteris found a game that is called solo, I have a similar example in the triangle shaped jumping game that is on the tables at Cracker Barrel.

The requirements that we have imposed on ourselves is two fold, one: to retain the properties of the game that make it interesting, two: add features that enhance and expand the experience for the user.

Working out the logic of the game on the Pic (18F452) is challenging as we both are new to Pic programming. I was fooling around with using mono mini plugs as pieces and can light up the LED’s but they are not the right ones…
I need to make the piece both a LED and a switch at the same time.

One of the ideas we have is to have a tutorial mode to the game, where the player is shown the correct order that jumps are made to “master” the game.

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