Hacked to death

Posted on Monday 6 November 2006

OK, I can never really see something thrown away without at least trying to salvage something from it. I have this neighbor who is moving out of his apartment and he was going to throw away a mobile phone (Sony/Ericcsen P800) and he tossed it in a can to go out.


I grabbed it to strip down and ended up with the mess that you see in this picture. Now, there are two things that you notice when you take apart some seemingly cool technology. One; Most of the cool look is really thin and cheap plastic molded by some clever product designers, but ultimately the first to be thrown away. Two; The technology is mostly so miniature that you have no hope of reusing any of it, but what you can take off is really nice.


The three components are useful to me for two reasons, the first is that they are worth looking up in google by part numbers if available to see the unit cost, second, they can be used in really small hacking projects and three they inform my design ideas for what is possible to cram in small areas.

• The small vibrating motor is really worth concealing in a wearable because it is so tiny.

• The mic looks like a button and could go onto a shirt

• The small camera chip is definitely worth googling to see if it too could be used.

Ultimately we throw away too much as a culture, it is sad the time that went into the engineering and design to have a phone go out of fashion in a year or even 8 months.

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