winning bid…

Posted on Friday 2 September 2005


The wi-fi in my apartment has been spotty due to the fact that my walls are not sheetrock, but the older block and plaster, solid but hardly conducive to my router signals.

So with the importance of registration and on the advice of Gordie I decided to make the trek to the 4th floor and use one of the lab computers.

I arrived a little close to the deadline and was a bit nervous to find that the first lab (all pc’s) was full with the exception of a few derelict machines that were hung for one reason or another. So I continued down the hall to find a smaller lab with mac G5′s sitting unused so I plunk myself down.

With 5 minutes to go I opened my Albert windown and started going through the process to see how long a loop from register to the pull down menus then submit would take. I had a worksheet with what I wanted and kind of expected that it would be a bit like bidding on an ebay item until the last minute.

I guess I went through about 7 or 8 times through when a fresh new screen came up asking me for my selections, BINGO… It probably took me about 20 seconds to put in the call numbers and hit submit. That was it* I did have the feeling that somewhere was a server processing a couple hundred requests in that 20 seconds.

I am extremely biased but I also believe that being on a mac made things better for me but I know intellectually that there should be no difference in performance for a web application. In Donald Normans book “Emotional Design” he identifies three levels of interaction in all human beings 1. Visceral: Where we respond to the appearance of a product. 2. Behavioral: Where we judge something by the pleasure and effectiveness of use. 3. Reflective: Self-image, personal satisfaction and memories. On all these levels I was happy to have found a mac at that critical time.

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