Sensors and Time

Posted on Tuesday 31 January 2006


Sensors and Time Assignment/Sensor Workshop

I decided to use the Sharp IR sensor that I used last semester in my Pcomp “Awarable/Proximity Jacket”. I had pretty good luck previously with getting a range of output. My first try in this assignment was not so lucky though. I had heard that readings could be a bit erratic and my results were a bit spotty to say the least. The output in Hyperterm below shows a very narrow range in the sensor output.


I ran the numbers throught Tom’s processing Graphing application and the bars and curve were not very interesting. I would think that the range and output should be more peaks and valleys that is represented here. The image below shows that something is off in my application of this exercise. So what can I follow up on?


• Try other Sharp sensors, or other sensors entirely to see if the lack of numbers is the fault of the sensor.

• Go over the Pic Basic pro code I used, maybe the values can be improved upon.

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