Outside the box

Posted on Wednesday 4 October 2006

In the remote emote project I am looking at other “spinoff” ideas that may have some relation to the idea that I have for my final project.

The first idea would be the group “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” stadium game: In this game two sides of the field would have roughly a hundren participants each with simple sensor suits that have simple switch in the hat, shoulder pads, knees and shoes. This suit could be manufactured with paper and copper conductive fabric.

The game would be that each side gets a turn to in sequence touch something, then return to a standing position. Each player would correspond to his mirror player. Whatever your player does you have to repeat. The way you would know this would be by small vibrating motors in your suit that are recepters.

Each “move” of the game would result in a score out of the total players on a side that got it right. The game results would be displayed on the big screen with a party for the winners.


The next idea is a digital trumpet that adjusts a display a computer screen to help teach trumpet fingering. The pushing down and tutoring would be mirrored on the screen. For example, to play a middle “C” the screen would show three color bars that would change position based on the finger position. The tutorial would include beginning songs as well as more advanced material later on.

The only problem I see is that it might be confusing to map the graph bars on the screen rise as the trumpet player pushes down. If it became a game then perhaps it would be fun to make the bars go up by pushing down. If however it didn’t make sense in the learning of the fingering to have the opposite image on the screen maybe a “one to one” correlation would be better.


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