Posted on Thursday 12 October 2006


Today was an interesting day, there is something really satisfying about waking up with a goal of figuring something out, having a struggle at midday, trying again in the evening and then working it all out before your retire again in the evening. Today the sun didn’t set on my quest to get the Hamamatsu Photoreflector working for my Project Design Studio project.

Danny Rosen paired us up today in an effort to get help with someone else in the class that might be able to shed new light on our projects. My partner was Kenny and with all of our meetings we could not work out what I was doing wrong with my wiriing for the Photoreflector.

The idea of “Remote Emote”, which is my joint project between Project design studio and Tom Igoe’s Networked Objects class is a kind of communication devise of the future. This devise translates a relief 3 dimensional image from a remote impression or transmission. The project I have embarked on will tax my limited programmiing knowledge and I will need to recruit someone to help.

The photoreflector circuit was something I tried last spring in a initial Sensor Workshop report. I should have stuck with the problem, but I picked a new final in microphones and left the Hamamatsu Photoreflector for another time.

So tonight I was able to wire it up correctly and now have a working circuit. See closeup below! The photoreflector is fairly inexpensive at 2.20, but I would love to get the cost down to around a dollar each. I think that on reflection that I should build a small version very soon to get a working prototype.

Here is the closeup of the PR from Hamamatsu, I soldered a separate IC socket onto header pins then inserted the chip after it was all over. I thing this Hamamatsu Photoreflector is very sensitive to heat in soldering as I have seen many reports on the net about “frying” it in the process of building with it.

CU right here:

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