One pixel at a time

Posted on Tuesday 24 October 2006

My final design for my RemoteEmote been bogged down in technical considerations for the actual technology behind how the devices record and transmit position data on each of the individual square “thixels” move. Thixels is my word for physical representations of pixels in the physical world. During the move back from the old idea of virtual worlds to augmentations in the real world emerge we will need language for the tools of transmitting human data from one location to another.

The technical barriers deal with devising a way to measure and send position and also to receive and drive the thixels into their positions.

I am looking to two possible tracks for the works of my devise. Track one is using Photo detectors to determine position and stepper motors to drive the Thixels. Track two is to follow in previous ITP attempts to use motorized potentiometers.

This is a basic network diagram of my system. The obvious simplicity of the diagram shows the straightforward nature of what I am trying to do with this project. However the actual working of these devises continue to be a challenge to my skill set.

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