Phantom Tollbooth Ideas

Posted on Thursday 16 February 2006


Interactive Design for Children or IDK is turning out to be alot of fun. The class had presentations of ideas on 3 different development areas supplied by Frank Migliorelli. Most of the class picked “Phantom Tollbooth” as a jumping off point. Every group looked at the problem in a slightly different way. Jan Oh, Kaki Law, Avni Patel and I had two ideas accepted. The first was a great idea by Jane and Kaki to have an orchestra where the playing of the instruments created a beautiful landscape on a screen.

The second idea was one that Jane and Kaki had thought of, but didn’t have time to flesh out… the idea of a jumping game, sort of like the big piano thing inside of FAO Schwarz as featured in the Tom Hanks movie “Big”. Actuall for toy design and IDK that wouldn’t be a bad movie to watch again some time.

The more I study childrens interactive and toy design, the more it seems to be an extremely facinating area and potentially very rewarding. What could be better than getting payed to make kids smile.

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