Baby Step number one

Posted on Friday 21 October 2005

Some interesting progress on my midterm practice, even if it is small progress. I am trying to track an object in captured video in processing. I guess sort of a motion tracking piece that draws lines corresponding to your path throught “space and time”(use Rod Serlings voice here).

Here is Dan O’Sullivans code that I hacked somewhat, I do think this is getting me a bit closer.


Capture video;

float targetRed = 255.0; //set some numbers for the target you are chasing
float targetGreen =255.0;
float targetBlue = 0.0;

void setup(){
video = new Capture(this, 320, 240, 12); //initiate the video, resolution and frame rate
size(320, 240); //give you Processingwindow a size

void captureEvent(Capture camera)

void draw(){

float worldRecord = 1000.0; //intialize the worldrecord
int xFound = 0; // initialize the location of the yellow tracking ball
int yFound = 0;

for(int j=0; j

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