Lucid in the sky with almonds

Posted on Friday 6 October 2006

So as part of the assignments for “Computers for the rest of you” with Dan O’Sullivan I have been investigating sleep and dreams and the many ways to sense that a subject is indeed dreaming during their normal sleep cycles.

As part of my research, I have stumbled onto a term that I haven’t heard for a while and thought was long dead as an idea. Lucid dreaming. As a result I have been doing some reading about this phenomenon and it seems there are many people pursuing this practice of dreaming and being fully aware/ in control of the dreams.

Here is a link for some sort of product to induce the awareness that predicates Lucid dreaming.

Another site offers some research, writings and books on the subject… whether this is considered serious science I don’t know. I would like to see if there are any articles in the university library at NYU or on any other campus.

So, I have to decide what kind of sensors are going to detect the REM stage of sleep that accompanies the dream state in sleep.

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