Jab Meta Data

Posted on Tuesday 31 October 2006


In this idea of Metadata I was not quite clear on what it is? So my initial experiment was taking an accelerometer and measuring the speed and movement of a boxing jab. Metadata seems to be data taken from an event or activity that reveals something unintentional or unexpected about people, activities or processes.

In boxing and fighting in general striking is done primarily with the feet and hands. In my training years ago I was privilege to have taken seminars with Wing Chun master William Cheung. Wing Chun is a form of chinese martial art invented by a Buddhist nun. The scientific breakdown of fighting and insight into the physiology of what happens in a fight was a great aspect of what I learned in the seminars. One thing Master Cheung would say time and time again was the fact that an opponent could not hit you without moving his elbow and to focus attention on that area.

So my experiments in movement attached an accelerometer on my elbow as I made several jabs and hooks to look at the different. Now the position of the elbow seems to qualify as metadata because most people would not even think about that part of the body to be that active in a boxing match.

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