Bird’s eye view

Posted on Thursday 15 September 2005


My family is settling into our new home in the upper east side of Manhattan. One of the things that sold us on our apartment was the terrace.

I am doing alot of thinking now that I have returned to a college campus after more years that I am comfortable disclosing and I am excercising creative and conceptualy brain power that have lied somewhat dormant.

A class I am in called spacial design has me thinking of light and the quality of different kinds of light and what they might say about the space they reveal.

Well I am leaning over the terrace looking down at people walking along on the sidewalk. I used to think it was very boring because my point of reference was the tops of their heads and shoulders… that was about it.

Then, just the other day it was particularly bright out and the time of day was just right for casting a long shadow on all of the pedestrians passing by. Suddenly the cast shadow was a full length version of the person and revealed much more to me than the actual person would have.

The starkness and graphic quality communicated emotion and relationships much more clearly.

    min lee
    October 9, 2005 | 11:44 pm

    Hey David, it’s Min from itp.

    I just wanted to say hello and great job with the blog! Great things for read here!

    Can you give me your email address?

    Thanks! :)

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