A good lesson by Sir Dyson

Posted on Thursday 13 December 2012

Most of the reading that I’ve done on inventions always seem to involve past events and inventors long dead or retired. It was with great joy that I read an article in Wired about the British inventor James Dyson.

First off I had a vision that Dyson’s company might be run with edicts on high by the great genius with hordes of technologist to follow through building something from one if his detailed drawings. The article was quite fresh in that Dyson believes in many of the things that great inventors of the past have believed in.

Perspiration as well as inspiration; Dyson made several thousand tries at his first vacuum before having success, this tracks well with greats like Edison. Patents are important for protecting innovators; without protection there is less incentive to dream big and take risks. The article is short but my favorite part is where Dyson believes in the engineers building what they design, going through the process of actually making it with their hands, rolling over the parts to see and feel how it functions or does not. I was so encouraged by Dyson being at his core forever a Maker.

The article is short but worth a read for anyone trying to make something yet to be imagined, it points the way by someone who has walked the path.


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