Processing takes center stage at FFNYC

Posted on Wednesday 6 July 2005

Another year another FlashForward here in New York City. FlashForward is always a great place to share and learn what is going on within the New Media community.

So what is new this year above the usually great work, is the introduction of processing into the mix. Processing is an open, vibrant community that has the ethos of reactionary thinking.

The learning of programming has never been natural to me as an artist, Amit Pitaru’s analogy today of processing is the pencil of programming vs. Flash being more like an “oil brush”. According to Amit, Processing is the best place to start to learn programming. Processing is used in NYU’s ITP Graduate schools to do rapid prototyping as well.

Tom Igoe’s presentation on physical computing had some very interesting stuff with processing and cameras. My favorite bit was the tracking of a cursor to the color in an image. This opens up so many possibilities with interacting with any hardware.

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