James Paterson – New York City Premiere

Posted on Sunday 10 July 2005

It was great to see James Patersons work at Bitforms immediately following Flashforward here in New York. I first learned of James’s unique style when I viewed a collaboration project at Flashforward in Amsterdam. Amit Pitaru, a musician and “digital tool maker” and James presented a piece that just bowled over the crowd.

There is something really organic, and fluid about James Paterson’s creations. The creations flow into each other in a sort of birth to death to birth dance.
The roundness and line quality sort of remind me of things I saw as a child in the film “Yellow Submarine”.

If you are in New York City, take in the show… it is well worth the visit.
Bitforms site

james paterson
nyc premiere

529 west 20th Street
NYC 10011
212 366 6939

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